My journey into German pop music –part 2

I didn’t know they’re German.
Back in my adolescence, I remember pop punk was a big thing. Bands such as Sum 41, Simpleplan and Good Charlotte were very popular (around me, at least). I feel pleasantly nostalgic whenever I listen to pop punk, remembering my school days. Donots are a German alternative rock band formed in Ibbenbüren and they play energetic and melodious punk just like their North American counterparts. I encountered Donots along with other American/Canadian pop punk bands that became popular around 2003, without knowing they are Germans, as they normally sing in English. With their appropriate attire and attitude, Donots execute the pop punk songs just about right. Their music demonstrates frustrations and angst of being teenager/young. I also would like to add I was very glad to find out they’re still playing with solid followings in Germany.

Yes, pop punk was popular around me back then. But then, while I certainly enjoyed its catchiness and innocuous fun, I was more into garage rock revival bands that became prominent early-mid ‘00s such as the Libertines and the Strokes. These bands just happened to strike me as more stylish, witted and relatable (albeit I was more pretentious). Simple beats, straightforward, stripped-down band arrangements and a drudging yet sometimes aggressive vocal that sings like talking: It’s a proper rock’n’ roll. The Kilians from Dinslaken reproduce the British garage rock sound and I wouldn’t have guessed they are from Germany (Kilian is a typical Irish surname as you may know the beer brand Killian’s…). As they got themselves a very proper band name like other garage rock revival ‘the’ band like The Hives and The Kooks… If you are a fan of these bands, you’re gonna like the music of The Kilians certainly.

Something in German
Now it is time to introduce a German band that actually sings in their native language. Anajo from Augsburg play indie pop/rock music written in German. Their sound is probably comparable to the garage rock revival bands from ‘00s mentioned above but they are definitely more on a pop side with little growling and shouting. With catchy sing-along melodies, hooks and tight danceable beats, pop songs can be quite charming and addictive. If you’re into bands such as The Wombats and Vampire Weekend, I would recommend you to check out Anajo. By the way, they did a nice cover of Boys Don’t Cry from The Cure in German (translated almost word to word!).


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