Never cut the mosquito – funniest polish idioms

Especially for foreign students in Poland

Uciąć komara (to cut the mosquito)

How could you cut a mosquito, if it’s so small? Not literally, but it’s possible, for example by falling asleep on a couch, in a bus or even during a boring lecture. In theory, you can cut the mosquito only a bit, only for a while.

Walnąć w kimono (to hit the kimono)

No, it’s not about violence and racism! To hit the kimono means just… to sleep. However, longer and deeper than during “hurting the mosquito”.

EnPl_Never cut the mosquito - funniest polish idioms_intext1

Dać/dostać prztyczka w nos (to give/gain a flip in the nose)

Be careful, because if you cut the mosquito in the wrong place, you could be given a flip in the nose! The professor may be angry that you haven’t been listening and the flip could turn into a complicated question in front of your colleagues.

Utrzeć nosa (to blend the nose)

And one more thing… if you have already gained the flip several times (without an effect), the professor may be really mean and just blend your nose. Sounds scary? I am sure, that in this case the professor with a great pleasure would give you an adequate note for snoring.

EnPl_Never cut the mosquito - funniest polish idioms_intext2

Utopić w łyżce wody (to drown in the spoon of water)

Better if he’s not taking such things seriously, because if he remembers you, he could even make you drown in the spoon of water! Literally – finish you before you finish studies.

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