New Year Resolutions

New Year’s is time of change. It seems easier to think that everything can be different next year. After all, it is a new beginning. All bad things are left behind, the good ones start happening. We get rid of the bad habits, and resolve to improve ourselves.

This is why so many people around the world will make resolutions: losing weight, paying off debt, managing time better, quitting smoking, spending more time with the family, traveling, doing volunteer work… We write down everything we want to achieve in the coming year, and paste it on the door of the fridge. However, the resolutions don´t always come true. We create a long list of bullet points – but not focused goals. It ends up as just a way of postponing things that we should already be doing.

What we have to learn is that it doesn´t make sense to think of the New Year as if it was a blank paper in which we will write a totally new history. All our habits, knowledge and obligations will still be the same after the last firework goes off on January 1st.

There is no use in thinking that just because a New Year begins, everything will be different. We shouldn´t expect so much from ourselves. But still, if you really like the New Year´s resolutions, here are a few tips that may help you follow through:

1) Try to write down on your list things that can be easily done: not everything has to be that perfect. Start with the simple things, and only after you´ve done them, try the harder ones.

2) Share your resolutions with the people around you: if your friends know what you intend to do, they may help you achieve some goals.

3) Take baby steps: Go slowly and try to do one thing at a time. Wanting to lose 10 pounds in a week only means that you will end up gaining them afterwards again.

4) Set measurable results: instead of writing that you want to lose weight, write down how much weight you intent to lose, and when the deadline for that is.

5) Write down how you will reach your goals: if you want to pay all your debts, think about how you will save money for that, and which debt you will pay off first.

6) Start right away: don´t wait until tomorrow or until you feel motivated enough.

7) Keep track of your list during the year: don´t wait until it is December 31st to check what you have done.

8) Don´t waste your time just writing down lists: go for it and achieve what you wish for yourself!

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