New Year’s resolutions 2014!

1372708393ljdhsDoes this sound familiar? The old year is over and with it you leave some unpleasant experiences, a bad habit or negative feelings behind you. Full of energy, you start creating your good resolutions and want to jump right into working on them. But soon you realize that you have set the bar too high and perhaps get rid of them entirely. But don’t panic, in today’s article I’ll show you some tricks to keep your New Year’s resolutions!

Before we start with the tricks, let’s have a look at what the Germans wanted to achieve in 2013. The first place with 59% goes to “to alleviate stress” and is followed by “do more sports” with 51%. “To eat healthier” is on the third place with 44% and “less alcohol” comes in last with only 11%.

As you can see, the physical and psychological well-being was really important for the Germans in 2013. No matter what your good resolutions for 2014 look like, here you have some tricks on how you can achieve them successfully.

1.       Set priorities

Okay guys, I know you are totally euphoric when it comes to good resolutions but be kind to yourself and don’t plan too much. A lot of resolutions can be really overwhelming so just take two or three and focus on them. It helps you to have a good overview and you can also work on them more efficiently.

2.       Phrase clearly

Goals like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to do more sports” are vague. The clearer your resolutions are, the better you can work on them. Set yourself a shorter period of time (instead of one year) otherwise you postpone your resolutions again and again and again. For example: A good wording would be “Within the next two months, I want to lose two kilograms.”

3.       Be realistic

Don’t set yourself huge resolutions – keep it simple. You don’t have to participate in a marathon, just schedule meetings with your friends to go running twice a month. When the goals are smaller you can achieve them faster and easier and you soon gain a sense of achievement which motivates you again for working on other resolutions.

4.       Stay optimistic and patient

Success does not happen from one day to the next – the way to success happens in stages. Mostly after a short time you have the feeling that nothing is working anymore and that is precisely the point at which many people break with their resolutions. Now it is: stay tuned and stay optimistic! Such a “resting phase” is totally normal and you will see progress again soon but it always needs a little time.

I wish you all the best with your New Year’s resolutions and a wonderful, successful 2014! 🙂


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