New Zealand fancy iPhone applications

Kiwi Speak – the foreign visitors guide to understanding the locals

One of the things for any tourist travelling to NZ is getting to grips with our accent. Yes we speak English, but it may not be like any English you have heard before! The letters “i” and “e” probably cause the most problems, and can lead to interesting discussions… You might say “six”, and a Kiwi would say “sucks”, a Kiwi would say “pen” and you would hear “pin” etc etc. A solution to this problem for all foreign visitors to NZ would be the iPhone Kiwi-Speak application! Simply record the Kiwi who is talking to you, select which version of English you would like it played back to you in (Australian, American, British etc) and let the iPhone do its thing… you never need to be confused by “Kiwi speak” again!

Here is a classic example of our beautiful Kiwi accent and how it confuses a person from the USA… Murray and Brett from Flight of the Conchords – “he maybe did…”

iPeep – the iPhone’s answer to counting sheep!

As everyone knows, NZ is a land full of sheep. In fact, we have more sheep than people. But spare a thought for the actual farmers who must tend to these enormous flocks, how do they ever keep count? How do they know if they lost one, or 10 or even 50?! If you have a flock of 1000 sheep, 50 sheep would be pretty easy to miss! NO MORE! Simply install iPeep and your sheep counting problems are solved! Hold up your phone and take a photo of your flock and this clever application will cleverly count the sheep and let you know if any are missing. Every sheep needs a tag in its ear that the iPhone recognizes and connects to, which means you can tell which sheep are missing and makes finding the missing animals even easier. Also available would be the professional upgrade of iPeep, which would tell you current market prices for wool, meat, and exporting – the perfect planning tool for every farmer, enabling them to maximize money from their flocks.

iSurf – never be disappointed by the waves again!

One of the great things about NZ is how easy it is to get to a beach. All Kiwi’s grow up spending holidays at local beaches or lakes, our summer’s are spent on or near the water. For this reason, many people take up the beautiful art of surfing, the perfect combination of two of NZ’s great loves – sport and the sea! But how does a surfer know the best days to bother heading to the beach? With the latest iPhone application – iSurf! This amazing application would tell any avid surfer the current wind conditions at their local beaches, and what the tides are doing, helping the surfer make their decision about which beach they should head to, or if they would be better just staying at home! No more frustrating trips to the beach to find no waves, no more wasted mornings at home only to discover later from a friend that the surf was going off!

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