Non-traditional holidays

Summer vacation time! I bet that many of you have already planned their holidays from the very beginning to the end, but maybe someone is still looking for the right place to go… Seaside? Mountains? Famous capitals?

If you don’t have any idea and usual destinations have no appeal, this is the article for you! This year you could also consider a non-traditional holiday, turning your summer vacation into an opportunity to volunteer, to increase your knowledge, to think about yourself. Here you can find a couple of plans… ready to go?

Volunteer camps.
This is the perfect opportunity for those who have always desired to volunteer… but haven’t found the right moment yet due to work/study overload. Two weeks are enough! You can find camps in Italy and abroad, on many different topics: children, animals, environment, women, education… On average, you work for 6-8 hours; the rest of the day is free. Any special requirement? Not really, but a strong adaptability. What do you get in return? A fantastic experience you will recommend to everyone! Should you be interested, have a look at Projects Abroad.

Study/work abroad.
One of the most common non-traditional holidays, especially among youngsters, is the language holiday, to deepen the knowledge of a foreign language. You leave your country for two or three weeks and you live in a college or together with a family. You attend lectures in the morning, then you have free afternoons. The college option is funny, but “dangerous”: if you meet guys from your own country, most likely you will practice your own language!

If you are looking for something more authentic, nothing is better than a part-time job. Waiter in London or shop assistant in Rome? Of course this is not the most relaxing experience ever, but if you are lucky enough, you could even cover the expenses. How to find a job? Try on Monster.

Spiritual break.
Maybe someone would rather prefer silent and peaceful places than the chaos of crowded beaches or mountain paths where you feel like you are queuing at the supermarket. Why not take a break in a monastery? Some institutes open their doors to tourists, provided that they do not disturb the regular activities of the people who live there. Highly recommended if you want to cut your brain off from daily problems and start breathing again! Should you like this idea, visit the web page of the monastery of Bose



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