Nutella and McDonald’s: what do they have in common?

Are you wondering why these two things should have something similar? Well, it’s not only because they are both not particularly healthy food 🙂

In fact, apart from the high content of calories, they both adapt to the country they are sold in. In other words, the taste of a Big Mac is different if you buy it in France or in England, and Nutella has one specific aroma in Italy and one other in Germany.

Here you can find some examples:

– In Italy, Nutella is more rich in hazelnuts than chocolate and the burgers of McDonald’s tend to be advertised as “healthy” (e.g. they contain fresh salad, parmesan cheese, and other healthy looking ingredients).

– On the contrary in Germany, Nutella is richer in chocolate than hazelnuts. Moreover McDonald’s sandwiches try to appeal the Germans with being richly and creamy filled.

– In Muslim countries McDonald’s doesn’t sell burgers with pork, but with chicken meat. Similarly in eastern countries, where the company avoids beef sandwiches to respect the local religion. Instead, there are some vegetarian dishes, for example in India.

So changing the ingredients of a dish is a choice made on the local taste basis as well as on the culture or religion of that place. In some cases, this is also a marketing strategy, aiming to compete with the regional competitors.

And you would be really surprised by the real taste of Greek food in Greece, or Chinese food in China and so on. When I was in Greece, I’ve been to a typical restaurant and I tried a salty dish with pasta and vegetables. That’s normal, you would say, but not at all, if you know that there was cinnamon in the dish! Besides, the Chinese food we eat here in western countries is completely different from the one they eat in China. And one last thing, pizza: in Germany it’s rich in cheese and creamy ingredients, while in China it’s more thick and oily…and sometimes even fried!

Have you ever tried a dish you know in another country? And in the original country? Share with us your experience with adapted or typical food!


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