Living abroad

Oh dear!!! I have to move to a new country!

Three true facts that will make moving to a new country easier.

If you have ever moved to a new country, you know that the feeling when you finally made up your mind is a mix of excitement and fear.

There might be many reasons why someone has to move to a new country, but the two main reasons are to study and work, and the two main challenges are to find a job and what is more important a roof over your head.

Let me share with you these three facts that helped me when I moved from Spain to UK.

Be realistic when you are looking for a job.

Many people try to look for their dream job when they just moved to a new country, and if they do not find it they are almost ready to give up and go home. My advice is to be realistic and look for a job that gives you peace of mind and let you pay your bills even if it is not what you expected, once you know more about your new country and you are settled, you will have time to start looking for that job you really want.

Not in every country the houses are the same.

If you move to a new country do not expect properties to be the same as back home, maybe the buildings are older, maybe the houses are smaller whatever the difference; adapt quickly.

Researching your new destination before moving is super important.

Do your research properly! check Facebook groups, websites like to look for jobs, houses and contact people from your new country, and contact people you might know that they are already living there.

To sum up in order to enjoy the experience of moving to a new country you have to be realistic, proactive and work hard.

Enjoy your new adventure!

David Vales, project manager at Passionate about new technologies, travelling, marketing and sales, always looking for new projects and ideas, he has lived abroad since 2012, currently in Brighton (UK).

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