Oh Hamburg, my Hamburg!

Goodbyes are hard.

When I got the email from bab.la asking if I “would be willing to relocate to Hamburg”, I just looked at my packed suitcase and plane tickets and thought “well, that was the idea all along”.

Not long after, I arrived in the Great and Hanseatic (and proud) city of Hamburg.

Saying goodbye to this amazing city hurts a bit.

I had many disappointments here, which had nothing to do with this lovely city.

I had many amazing experiences here, which had everything to do with the people I’ve met here.

I now have to rush back to my other place across the ocean, but my place here is set.



My Hamburg greeted me with a “Moin Moin” every single day. Even in those cold, grey, windy days.

My Hamburg had a smile and would say hello with a “Na?” and bye with a “schönen Tag noch”

My Hamburg taught me to eat fish and enjoy the Ostwind.

My Hamburg taught me that a dry coat is underrated.

My Hamburg is made up of great new friends, new languages, foods and smiles.

My Hamburg is made up of the daily hugs and moccas and Brötchen.


My Hamburg is the port where I dropped my anchor for a while.

I hope my boat and the waves of life bring me back to this place.

And if not, my Hamburg is everywhere, with me.


I carry your heart; I carry it in my heart.

Now it’s not a


it’s a

Bis bald





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