Oktoberfest… in Brazil?!

September is a month of celebration for Brazil and festiveness in southern Germany. The South American country commemorates 190 years of independence. In 1822, when the country ceased to be a colony of Portugal, there was a decrease in the flow of Portuguese immigration, thereby there was the entry of many Italians, Spanish, Japanese and Germans in Brazil… Germans?!

Yes, the group owns a 5% stake in the migration process in the country, and in the south of Brazil the Germanic ancestry population reaches 20%. It is observed in the southern cities the preservation of the language, the architecture and the festivals, Oktoberfest being the main one.

The German festival, which currently starts in September in the city of Munich, was originally celebrated in this city in October 1810, when a horse race was organized to celebrate the marriage of King Louis I of Bavaria to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Currently, the festival attracts about 10 million visitors and has a consumption of 7 million liters of beer every year.

In Brazil, the festival began to be celebrated in 1976 in Itapiranga, in the south of the country. Latterly, it is celebrated in several other Brazilian cities, with the one in the city of Blumenau being the largest and most popular German festival in Brazil, with its first edition in 1984. Considered the biggest German party in the Americas, it attracts an audience of, on average, 700 thousand people a year, with the predominance of typical German costumes, food and drinks. This year, the event’s official opening date will take place on October 10th, at 10p.m.

What about your country? Is Oktoberfest celebrated? What is the most traditional festivity in your city/country?


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