On Sports and Morals

We’ve had some great sportsmen in Germany, that’s for sure. Everybody knows Beckenbauer; raves about Boris Becker during his heyday; and Michael Schumacher wrote formula1-history. That’s just to start, everyone likes Steffi Graf and Henry Maske! Please, can you really forget the “Gentleman” Maske? Shame on you! Yeah, but is it all that nice and perfect in the German sports world? Let’s have a look behind the scenes and learn more about these German sport celebrities.

Let’s begin with Boris “Bobbele” Becker. His speech defect really isn’t his fault, but he could try to broaden his vocabulary from 100 to 200 words. Of course, I mean his German vocabulary. Why is it that so many athletes can’t speak properly? They don’t have to quote Kant or Goethe, but the basic grammar? Am I demanding too much? Maybe…

There’s another aspect worth mentioning: Why are so many sportsmen, and by “men” I mean literally “men”, so promiscuous? One reason could be that they struggle with controlling their hormones – after living the life of a professional athlete, you still need a lot of physical exercise, one can’t help but argue, but it’s a kind of far-fetched argument. Shouldn’t they take some responsibility since the world looks at them as the “role models of morals,”, and not make out with strangers in broom sticks or during Christmas parties, or both? They should at least have the guts to admit it afterwards and not let the paternity tests uncover what resulted after those possibly drunk promiscuous incidents? In their defense, who are we to blame them? Of course, they are entitled to live their own private lives. It’s the media which sensationalizes their every move (particularly those which merits tabloid front pages). Now it dawned on me that it’s always the famous soccer players who are the ones who can’t restrain themselves. But how come I’ve never heard anything negative about Dirk Nowitzki! Apart from the lack of morals of most of the German soccer players with women, there is also so much bribery going on! Why? Can’t you just play and look buff? By the way, maybe it’s not the maturity of men, but the money and fame that makes some of them betray their principles (at least if they have some).

Anyway, I digressed, let’s go back to sports: I like women’s soccer! And the German female national team is the two-time defending world champion. Well done! They play wonderful soccer, and to my knowledge, they don’t father children with strangers, which is partly due to their incapability to father children at all. Anyway, I argue, that female soccer players are better sportsmen vis-a-vis sportswomen. I still need more information, but that I will get into in due course. Until then, I have a nice source for you to learn more about women’s soccer in Germany:


And the German soccer hero Lothar Matthäus speaking in English:

You may think, my goodness, why is his English so bad? But, never mind, his German doesn’t sound any better.

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