Online Translation Services Vs Professional Interpreting Services

Online technology is slowly making the human touch obsolete in many sectors. Everything starting from ticketing to banking has gone online. The use of technology has reduced the hassles on customer’s side and at the same time helped the companies to invest their manpower in something more fruitful. This holds true in situations where there are more of repetitive tasks, but not always! Some brains also introduced online translation services to make things easier for those working in multilingual environment.

Machine translation is readily available, cheap, and can be used anytime anywhere, however it lacks one big feature and that is human brain! Machine processes the information and translates it literally into desired language. It would be good to understand simple commands like sit, go ahead, take a turn, and so on, but it would fail in the event of elaborate communication.

Some points that throw a light over the working pattern of machine interpretation and manual interpretation are given here.

  • Communicating the intended meaning – Intended meaning of the sentence is not always the same as mentioned by words. Machine reads words, processes with the literal translations, and offers the output in desired language. Professional interpreters interpret the exact meaning of what is being said and then come up with the meaningful translation. For example, the meaning of raining cats and dogs in English means it’s raining heavily, but what would happen if it is translated literally!
  • Local dialect and accent – The language is entered in the software the way it is actually spoken, but sometimes it misses out on the local accent and dialect. Machine would be mistaken while interpreting this. Professional interpreter is trained for all the existing variations of the given language. This enables him to come up with correct interpretation every time.
  • Updating word bank – New jargons or slangs are added to the word bank of any language from time to time. It is difficult for the machine or software to be updated so often. Some online translation services are regularly updated in order to keep them relevant, but still matching the speed of newly added slangs is difficult. Professional interpreter is aware of these changes and would update his knowledge well before project date. This makes him more relevant. Again human interpreter notes the body language, tone, and many other things that are not expressed in words to understand what is being said!
  • Uninterrupted process – People of high stature value their time the most. Machine is machine and have chances of experiencing untimely errors. Also you will have to take out time to correct any wrong interpretations being made at the time of meeting or conference, provided you know something wrong happened. All these would damage your company image, waste time, and make the participants lose interest. Professional interpreter keeps the interest levels of the participant high by using voice modulation.

Interpretation is believed to be all about translating the information from one language to another, however it is much beyond that, hence it requires human interference for the meaningful interaction.

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