Only in Finland…

SE cover SEThe fact that Finland is so far away north and excluded (?) from the rest of the world has put its mark on the country. It has resulted in lots of weird championships of which some even have the status of world championships. In a previous Lexio post, you were already introduced to the somewhat bizarre event of the Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu. Here are another 4 obscure/weird/wtf kind of events that some crazy Finns have thought up:

1. Finnish Sauna World Championships
Do you have what it takes to endure a humid Finnish sauna where the starting temperature is a 110 degrees Celsius? Visit the Finnish town of Heinola in August to find out! Learn some sauna etiquette before that though.

2. World Mobile/Cell Phone Throwing Championships
Have you always had a craving to throw your phone? You have your chance in August at the championships in Savonlinna, in Eastern Finland: You can also find out if there is a competition in your country! The popularity of the sport has grown since its birth in 2000, and there are national events in at least 8 other countries, including the US and the UK. If you’re creative enough, you might just win the freestyle round. Best of luck!

SE cover EN3. Swamp Football/Soccer World Championships
Would you be willing to pay about 200 Euros to swarm around in the mud “playing” football? Well, you can try it out in Hyrynsalmi in northern Finland. It’s apparently all about team spirit. Let’s get dirty then!

4. Wife Carrying World Championships
Do you have a wife, or can you borrow one? Does she weigh at least 49 kg? Well, then you are all set for the wife carrying battle! The main rule here is to have fun! Since 1992 wives have been carried in Sonkajärvi, in the middle of the Finnish forest. Since 1996 it has had the world championships status. Here not only the fastest equipage wins, but you can also get a prize for best dressed. Sounds great right? Start practising now!

This is by no means a complete list. Have you heard of any other weird Finnish championships or events in general?


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