Otters in space – Anxara’s betrayal

A palace of warm white marble, adorned with colorful mosaics and gold-plated fountains, seemed to rise like a tree from the vast endlessness of fresh water that surrounded it. All around it, scores of otters played in the water lily gardens, hunted for crustaceans in the golden sand and praised this beautiful land as their home. At the side of the palace, the great orb of blue light stood empty and silent, waiting to spring into life at the very touch of an otter pilot. All the same, the concerned expressions in the pilots’ furry faces didn’t agree with their surroundings as they rushed into the palace.

Unlike other palaces, this edifice wasn’t reserved for royalty. In fact, otters found the idea of monarchy primitive and dangerous. All otters lived in this beautiful abode, and all otters worked together to preserve it and expand it. At the very centre, a golden triangle was connected by three bridges and adorned with a fountain on each corner. Each fountain had a different animal and a different style, symbolizing the 3 great species of the galaxy. The golden triangle itself was a communication center where every citizen or ally could stand upon and his or her voice would resonate across the 3 great planets. This was the destination of our two otter space voyagers. They came to a halt, and respectfully walked atop the sacred shape.

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‘’Master Shushup, the grand moffen, lord disbander and commander slicer has been captured by Anxara. His army has been killed to the very last man. His colonies outside the planetary curtain have been plundered and pillaged.’’

The otters stopped mid-swim. Rafen, one of many elders, raised the clam of war. The clam was black as tar, and covered in codes and symbols which could only belong to the most ancient of languages of this universe.

‘’BREAK THE CLAM”, ‘’SHATTER IT TO A THOUSAND PIECES’’, ‘”CRUSH IT AGAINST YOUR BELLY AS WE WILL CRUSH OUR ENEMIES’’. An enraged, roaring cacophony filled the otherwise tranquil atmosphere of the Otterdam palace.

Rafen pounded the black clam against his belly with force and precision, and as small pieces of clam now rested on his belly, so it was known that a state of war now existed between the Otter republic and the Kingdom of Anxara.  

To be continued…




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