Otters in space – Shushup’s sentence

There was a semblance of peace in the Anxarian landscape. The viridian hills of oak and pine were becoming one with the light brown color of the surrounding mud lands. The towering trees stood unhindered as a cool breeze played with their sturdy silver and green leaves.

In the distance, the figure of a solitary chipmunk could be seen sauntering along. As he was making his way through the forest one could discern certain poise in his steps.  Other chipmunks, that occasionally crossed his path stopped, exchanged kind words and kissed his hand, which he so gracefully extended as he slightly bowed to them.  His bow was significant, as it exhibited to the common folk that he too was a humble servant of the Tree of life.

The long walk had come to an end, and the elder now found himself at the entrance of a murky tunnel. He took a few quick breaths, and wiped the sweat off his forehead before gazing into the vast blackness before him. No peace or tranquility was to be found within the bounds of this burrow. The screams and wails of the withering occupants intertwined with every morsel of fear and regret they could muster. As Anxara entered, the air of despair and torture filled his lungs and his very being with a sense of fulfillment and rejuvenation.

‘’ROOOOOOOH! You is of the ignorance! I be of the innocence!’’

Shushup’s squeaky voice sounded like a thousand drinking straw being blown at the same time. Anxara smirked. ‘’You took from the Tree of life. Only the chipmunk kind, can receive nourishment from its fruits, you dirty otter.’’

“RAAAAAAAH! You are a cheater maniac egoistic!’’ Shushup shook violently up and down, trying to undo his chains. The guard stepped in and punched the critter right in the stomach, then proceeded to grab his duckbill and tie it shut with wire.

‘‘Father Anxara… I beg your pardon but he’s not an otter, he’s a platypus.’’

‘’Wordogg, you are a cub, you don’t understand. He was raised by otters, he’s sheltered by otters and he carries the banner of otters… I want him executed in front of otters!’’

Anxara looked at Shushup with contempt and walked away.

‘’Public execution it is!’’ Wordogg nodded.

To be continued…



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