Outsider England

Maybe England was member of the European gang, but it always had to do things a little bit differently than the rest

The 24th of June 2016, a day that you could also call the “Independence Day” of England was a big day. The Brits chose to leave the European club. Actually, the country never was a real team player. Here you can find the reasons why Brexit was predictable.

1. It´s an island guys! Therefore, literally seen not part of the European continent.

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2. Fact: after WWII Winston Churchill opted for a united Europe, but without England taking part!

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3. Until in 1973 the fish & chips-eaters decided to join the club. But 10 years later they were complaining about money. “We want our money back” is not really something of a team spirit. Do we still know her? Thanks Mags!

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4. The Englishmen wanted to participate, but following their own rules. So they kept their pounds. Of course, annoying for the rest of Europe. When you thought of having a nice weekend in London, you first had to exchange your euros into pounds. If that isn’t shitty enough, maybe the fact that everything becomes 3 times more expensive is!

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5. As the rest of Europe is acting according to the rules and drives on the right side of the road, England has to be stubborn and drives on the left side. Warning: driving on the same half of the road can lead to accidents. It was just a matter of time!

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6. England played a double game all this time. After a century old relationship with the United States, England didn’t feel the spark anymore. England wanted to try something new and decided to have an affair with Europe. Although this turned out differently than England had expected. “Dear States, I am begging you. Pleassssssse take me back. I will never cheat on you again!”




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