Pierogi and Homemade Jam – Best Food From Grandmas

Russian cuisine has some special dishes atypical for other countries. But, in my opinion, the most delicious and unique food is the food of our lovely Russian grandmas. Just think of fresh pies (pierogi) from the oven, jam from own grown berries… How can it be compared to “traditional” dumplings (pelmeni), which can be found in any supermarket?

Perhaps this is just my feeling, but I think that the skill of cooking delicious pierogi and home-made jams only comes with years, that is why for me only my grandma’s food is always so tasty. Pierogi with meat, onion and egg, cabbage, potatoes and many other variations of pastries cooked with love by grandmas, you cannot find this in the supermarket or in a restaurant, or even in the kitchen of mom because grandmothers have magic that is not within anybody else’s power!


In the same way as with pierogi, magic also works with homemade jam, which has become so habitual that I personally cannot survive winter without raspberry jam and every time I come to Russia, I take a couple of jars with me, despite the fact that my suitcase is already impossible to carry. Raspberry jam is made of fresh berries collected in summer by grandmothers personally, cooked and then stored until winter … Which doubts can there be that it has magical features and can heal us from the cold in winter!? (Ask ANY Russian and they will tell you that tea with raspberry is the BEST medicine.)

Well, in general, the theme of food and grandmothers has recently attracted a lot of jokes in Russia, because one cannot simply leave grandma’s place without eating. So it is not surprising that their pierogi and actually all food get especially tasty because grandmas put all their love into cooking for their grandchildren.




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