Pirated software and the evolution of language

Strict rules and maximum flexibility. Apparently a contradiction in terms, this oxymoron couldn’t be more true! For what else better describes the evolution of spoken language? But where does pirated software exactly come in, in this mystic ecuation of the combination of morphemes? Don’t go yet in stand-by mode and let’s see if you can figure it out together!

Past and present – two sides of the same story

The times when all you could hear was ‚asl pls’ are long gone by now. Proud parents of hyper-active internauts no longer fumble in a cloud-thick fog of obscure-sounding internet terms. They have special dictionaries for that now! Information Technology is becoming more and more and integral part of our daily lives. This begs the question: does pirated software fit in this categoy? And to what extent does its influence affect the way we speak?

Undisputed ˝stars˝

Probably one of the ¨stars¨ of the Romanian slang is the equivalent expression of ˝you crack me up ˝. Well, this precise phrase got me thinking the other day. Could be that it orginates form binary realms? One explanation the ¨linguistic department¨ of my subconscious promptly provided is that this particular phrase comes from the pretty demanding task of ¨cracking a code˝. Hmmm…
Truth be told, in order to take full advantage of the latest upgrades, for a software you intalled anyway from the cd of a generous neighbour, you would need to crack a code. Might this be such a widespread practice that the fast-flowing current of the spoken language immediately absorbed it? There’s no doubt about it, the computer is the first one to feel the pulse of what’s going on on the streets. I wonder how it deals with traffic jams…

Linguistic El Dorado

Obviously, a definite answer remains a distant and unattainable chimera. Sadly, the Romanian competent authorities in this field fail to provide us with a definite answer. Till then keep you eyes open and your ears to the ground of linguistic evolution.

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