Plai Festival

We probably all know that each nation has its own kind of music and traditions, all sorts of habits and unique instruments with which they give life to their emotions and feelings, through the sound of music. Well, once a year, somewhere at the beginning of fall, there is a place in Romania where a handful of wonderful and determined volunteers try to bring together a little bit of other nations’ culture and music, from all over the world. This place is called Plai Festival – an event which promotes art and multiculturalism, taking place each year in the beautiful city of Timișoara, in September.

The name of the festival – Plai – is very suggestive for this event, as it makes you think of traditions, habits, nature and mirthfulness. Apart from the many concerts that take place during the festival, there are numerous workshops and stalls through which people and artists from different parts of the world promote different forms of art, from traditional art (pottery, handmade fabric and clothes) to theatre, painting, photography, film and even other less conventional forms of art.

Multiculturalism is also one of the central pillars of this event. Starting from the idea that the geographical area where the festival takes place – Banat – is already a multicultural environment, as there are many minorities and different cultures living together (Serbians, Hungarians, Germans, French, Czechs), the organizers of Plai Festival decided that it is essential to share and understand different cultural aspects of other nations. Thus, with the help of different consulates, embassies and cultural institutes, they managed to bring together at the festival many other less known cultures in Romania, such as Portuguese, Peruvian or Dutch culture.

The organizers of Plai Festival have managed so far to bring to Romania a lot of great artists, such as Patrice, Nouvelle Vague or ZAZ, surprising us every time with the schedule of the event. But one of the most wonderful things that relates to this event is the organizing team, who are all volunteers. They show us each year how much they treasure art, culture and multiculturalism and how important it is to share this aspects with other people.

For those of you who haven’t heard about Plai Festival until now, you will have to wait one more year for next edition, as the 2013 Plai Festival just ended on Sunday!


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