Polish dialects vs. German language

with a pinch of salt

I have already written something about the Polish challenge, so the time has come for something more practical and associated with my personal experience. I came to Germany six months ago, and although I studied German at school, it turned out that my communication skills were rather poor. On the other hand, I’ve never had a problem with understanding, but I must admit that I don’t owe it to schools or courses.

I come from Bydgoszcz, but I spent five years studying in Poznan. Dialects of these two cities are very close, mainly due to the historical factors. Both cities were formerly German, and because the Germans couldn’t spell Polish language correctly they even had German names – Bromberg and Posen. No wonder that in these areas German language intertwined with Polish, having an influence on the local dialects.

Today I will try to show how Polish dialects, especially some popular words that infiltrated into the modern Polish language can help to learn German and all this with a pinch of salt 😉

Before I went to Hamburg I had a bit of wanderlust. I studied German and worked to spare some money, so that everything should be fine in Reich, but with the day of departure the calmness came to an end. In craziness I packed my last belongings, said goodbye to my parents, friends and looked at my dear district for the last time. By train I got from Poznan to Hamburg. The station turned out to be extremely huge, and there were strange German words everywhere, which I couldn’t understand. Behind the corner I bought a few yeastcakes with some icing. I only remember a terrible witch in glasses, who sold it to me, but I didn’t care, though I was beginning a great adventure! I sat down on a bench, bit a piece of cake and was waiting for another train. Suddenly a homeless person came up and asked for food. Without thinking, I gave him the whole bag of cakes. The train arrived and I finally got to my new home. That is my story – simply as that.

Perhaps the story is just created, but the most important is, that the words from the dialects, which appeared in the text actually exist in the German language and are being used quite often.

PL_Polish dialects vs. German language_intext1ENbanner_en[Polski]

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