Polish Is The Winner of Bab.la Language World Cup 2014!

After 5 weeks and 32 matches, we can finally unveil the results of the bab.la Language World Cup 2014 . The languages that have gathered the most votes are Polish, English and Italian. Third place went to Italian while English was voted the second most appreciated language. Finally, with 2,277 votes, the glorious winner of the bab.la Language World Cup 2014 is Polish!

Pic1711The bab.la Language World Cup 2014 turned out to be a great success as we had many users involved, with a total of 70,527 votes. Many of our language lovers supported their favourite language on Facebook and Twitter, discussing the pros and cons of a given language. The Polish fans were particularly enthusiastic and, thanks to their votes, Polish unexpectedly beat English, the winner of last year.

pic2_1711The Language World Cup 2014 results and rankings can be found here.

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