Professional translations gone Web 2.0

We know that all Lexiophiles readers are true language experts ;-). However, every once in a while you might need something to be translated by a professional. We recently needed some legal stuff to be translated into English and it seems to be entirely different language. There is a nice German word for official government texts in German (you’ll find them on any of those government forms): Beamtendeutsch.

After we tried really hard to translate it ourselves we decided that with legal stuff you just don’t do it yourself. So we looked for a professional translation agency and were surprised that this business hasn’t really gone online yet. We finally found an online translation agency called tolingo translations (here’s their German tolingo website). And it turned out that they are located in Hamburg, too. Such a small world! Anyway, the cool thing is that they offer the entire translation process online: Just upload your text and you’ll get an immediate price quote. Then you can pay e.g. by credit card and the translated text will be sent to your email address. We were so impressed with our result that we decided to see whether we could cooperate somehow. We’ve just implemented their price calculator on our dictionary website and it looks like this: (just try it out here to see what price your translation text would be)


If you come across any cool online language-related products let us know!

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