5 reasons why it’s cool to be a linguist

Sv linguistics coverSVAs you might have guessed already, your very own language portal bab.la hosts and has hosted a lot of smart people in the shape of linguists. Here are 5 reasons why we totally rock!

1. You can use blogs and other types of social media as source material in your studies and claim that it’s research. This is a perfect way for all you social media addicts out there. While catching up on the latest events in the blogosphere, you are effortlessly gathering material. Or you can combine work with pleasure by studying some aspect of your favourite vlog.  

2. You can get to work for a cool TV-show, like Game of Thrones. David J. Peterson is the guy, the linguist, who has created all of the show’s languages. That is really impressive, kudos man!

3. You are always easily entertained because you are constantly analysing and trying to pin down a person’s accent. Or just spot all the pronunciation quirks, or both. Even though you know it’s bad, you still can’t help it; it’s a curse and a blessing in one. But seriously though, accents are cool too … sometimes.

4. You can impress the heck out of a party with your very witty comments, puns and linguistic jokes. To bee, or not to bee so to speak. Or not, but you can always try!

5. Finally, we’re just really awesome and we know it!

So linguists, unite and be proud! Please feel free to list even more reasons for why linguists are the best in the comments section below.


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