Revival of Childhood Memories – What’s your favorite anime?

Everyone at some point in their adolescent period undergoes a phase of sitting in front of the TV waiting for your favorite anime to appear… My ultimate devotion towards ‘Sailor Moon’ reached its highest level when I was 7 years old. I recall crying in ToysRUs begging for my parents to buy me the ‘Sailor Moon wanna-be sets’ including moonlight stick, sailor moon costume and the sailor head band. (Which costs around 100 Euros… No wonder my mother did not give in!)
Today I would like to introduce you some of the famous Japanese anime you have all heard about or seen at least once- in order to call back on your memory when you were an innocent, sweet child.

Dragon Ball

This anime was loved by not only children but adults as well -however, I am greatly disappointed in Hollywood crashing everyone’s dream by recreating it into live-action. As you can see from the trailer, it was an epic fail.

Captain Tsubasa

For all the soccer fans out there, if you have missed your chance to watch this as a child, it’s not too late! Tsubasa uses kung-fu-like super powers to score legendary goals. In this video, he shoots ‘drive tiger twin shoots’, but loses against the German team lead by Bernd Schneider.


This is probably the most loved anime by people from all around the globe. Consequently, Pokemon is the most successful Japanese anime releasing more than 15 films, countless episodes, soundtracks and manga. The video below explains the idea of Pokemon in a real life situation! lol!

There are numerous other global productions such as Card captor Sakura, Digimon, Naruto, Inuyasha and so on… Which one is your favourite? If you have time, try replaying your significant anime – it will definitely bring you back your precious forgotten memories!


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