Road Trip to Athens: An Ancient Greek Guide to Becoming a Hero: Part 1

By nature, our whole universe is designed to take the easy way out. Whether you’re dealing with roof insulation, molecular structures or little children, you have observed this one way or another. However, the easy way out is not always the best option. In fact, it’s never the option that will give you the power and glory you need to attain the status of hero. Now, take a deep breath and stay with me, because I’m about to tell you the story of a pretty average guy who managed to become a hero. His name has been known and praised across the world for endless generations until today.

His name was Theseus, and he was to set out on a journey to Athens. His friends advised him time and again to go by sea, the safest option as the way by land was riddled with thieves and monsters. All the same, Theseus was determined to travel by land and face the dangerous challenges at hand. To this effect, and this is very important, he spent a good amount of time educating himself about the dangerous people he was to confront.

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Challenge 1:    

Theseus first met Periphetes: A man of brute strength, who liked to go around smashing people’s skulls with his club, just to watch their brains scatter. The following conversation is said to have happened:

Per: ‘I’m Periphetes, and I’m going to smash your head to pieces with my club!’

Thes: ’That’s a really nice weapon you have there.’

Per: ’Pure brass’

Thes: ‘’It’s just a wooden club covered with brass’’

Per: ‘’No, here… look’’

Our hero hit Periphetes unconscious with his own weapon and kept the club as a trophy.


Challenge 2:

Next, the hero encountered a giant man with a big axe, standing next to a cliff: “I am Sciron and if you want to pass you must wash my feet!” “What would happen if I didn’t?” askedGR athens intext2 Theseus. “I will chop your head off with this axe” Sciron thundered. Theseus knelt down. Looking over the side of the cliff, he could see a monstrous turtle swallowing a human whole. When Sciron’s foot came to kick our hero, Theseus jerked aside. Sciron lost his balance and fell off the cliff instead.

Theseus continued his journey and faced many more challenges. More will be covered in my next blog post: Road Trip to Athens: An Ancient Guide to Becoming a Hero: Part 2




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