Romanian iPhone applications


A regular old-fashioned cell phone has long ago become out of use, especially among young people. Everyone has to have a modern, multi-tasking and super-cool mobile phone. It might surprise some of you, but actually in Romania this trend is highly followed by adolescents and grown-ups alike, even if that involves making a loan at the bank. Since the iPhone is probably the utmost product of the telecommunication industry, everybody expects the maximum from this small pretty toy. Let’s see some iPhone applications which Romanians might particularly appreciate:

Potholes detector
It’s common knowledge that Romanian highways aren’t excellent. Oh sorry, did I say highways? My mistake, I meant roads! When the guys from Apple will manage to come up with the GPS program for the iPhone, they should consider creating a special Romanian version. Special features included: a pothole detector and an adviser for the newest roads around the country.

Dracula Transformer
For many people the first thing that pops into their mind when you say Romania is Dracula. So it would be nice to just take a photo of someone and then add a template with vampires or creepy castles. Voice would be a highly-appreciated extra!

“Mici” abacus
If you have ever eaten the famous Romanian “mici” (a sort of yummy grilled minced meat rolls), then you know how easy it is to stuff your stomach with the small yet hyper-caloric rolls. That’s why you need a “mici” abacus to help you keep the count!

Cholesterol Analyser
Only one weekend at home can mess up your health and make you want to run to the closest gym. If your grandma’s sweets and perseverance to always fill your plate have made you eat more than you had intended, you need this cool application! Just measure the level of cholesterol and fat in your body by simply entering your sex, weight and age, and then holding the iPhone firmly with your hands. The touch sensors will do the rest.

“Mici” flame
Whether you miss this typical dish or you want to practice your barbeque skills, this application helps you grill the delicious meat rolls by simply blowing into the microphone. I wonder if they could have an extra option to release the smell…

How much can you drink
Of course not everything is about eating – it’s about drinking too! But after sending down the throat țuica, palinca or beer, you increase your possibilities of getting an ugly fine. Just grab your iPhone and enter the name of the alcohol type and your age, sex and weight. The program will then tell you how many glasses are you allowed to drink, while still keeping a low level of alcohol in your blood.

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