Romanian Parliament Palace: Simply Surprising


Top 9 amazing facts that you don´t know about the Romanian Palace of Parliament:

  1. The Romanian Palace of Parliament is visible from the Moon (yes, the Moon), just like the Pentagon and The Chinese Wall (Romanians hope it won’t suffer the same faith as the Pentagon that became a quadrangle due to Bin Laden theorem).
  2. Concerning its capacity it is 2% bigger than Cheops’ Pyramid from Egypt with its 2.550.000 m³ (and like the pyramid, still no mummy found yet)
  3. It can be found in the Guinness Book of Records in the “Administrative Buildings” category ranked second after the Pentagon as size due to its 330.000 m² (and it was number one for a while).
  4. 40.000 people were mandatorily relocated for its construction (and still no mummy found).
  5. To build it they used 1.000.000 m³ of marble, 900.000 m³ wood essences, 3.500 de tons of crystal and for decoration they placed 220.000 m² of carpets, 3.500 m² of calf skin and much more…
  6. The building has about 1000 rooms (but no one was reported missing inside – yet!)
  7. It has 20 floors, 8 of them underground
  8. During the construction process 400 architects contributed and they were lead by a young 28 year-old woman (by the way, what were you doing when you were 28 or what are your plans?)
  9. You can visit it!!!

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