Round-around the Merry-Go-Round

I am not a know-it-all. I don’t try to come off as arrogant. I don’t mean to put my nose where it isn’t wanted.

Regardless, I seem to do just that. I mean well, I really do, and if I could abstain, then I would, but the fact is; if I am sure that someone is in the wrong due to their own ignorance, then it can’t be helped. Let’s take an example of what I mean.

“What goes around comes around”. We all know the meaning of this phrase. The bible version is “Do unto others…”, the Karma version is “Do good things and good things will happen to you”. The punch line is that if you treat others badly, then that’s how other people will treat you, eventually.

So far, I would say most of us are on the same page. Here’s the quirk, a whole heap of people I know insist on saying “What comes around goes around”. This is the point where I get my bad reputation and cold stares at the coffee machine. I tell people, “no that’s not how you say it…” and much to nobody’s surprise that doesn’t go over well with the troops, who go on the defensive.

Contrasting the two ways of saying virtually the same thing shows the error in thinking they are the same. “What goes around…” implies that your actions have a corresponding effect on your life. Ergo, by saying “what comes around…” you are actually implying that other people’s actions are the basis upon which your own actions are placed. Technically the meanings are very similar, but quite frankly I find the latter more of a threat than a cautionary tale. It would be like saying “I treat people the same way they treat me” instead of “I treat people the way I wish they treated me”. I am no specialist on morals, ethics or sociology, but can anyone spot the downward spiral?

Now I’m sure I’ll never hear the end of this article, because you see, “What goes around…”

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