Royal Wedding: In&Out

How many of you were in front of the tv or the laptop last Friday, to watch the live broadcast of the Royal Wedding, even for a couple of minutes? I believe you were – better: we were – a lot, I would say tons of, from all over the world.

I bet that all fashion victims couldn’t help commenting on dresses, hats, shoes and bags chosen by the protagonists and the attendants. The pictures of the wedding and the evening party do show that class is a rare quality you cannot find everywhere. Being titled does not always imply being classy: style is something you own or not, it does not really matter how much money you have.

Here we will give our opinion about very In&Out people at the wedding. What do you think about them? Leave a comment below!

Kate: she was amazing. Sarah Burton’s dress was just perfect: traditional, sophisticated, but modern at the same time. A mixture of chasteness and pure charm for the handsome Duchesse of Cambridge who is going to be the next style icon of the Royal family after unforgotten Lady D.

William: he chose the red uniform of Irish Guards, despite his affiliation to Royal Air Force. A prince with a uniform always makes a great impression, but to be honest, he was not as stunning as his wife. Let me say that we really preferred William as he looked like a couple of years ago…

Queen Elizabeth: God save the Queen, always. Many people criticized her dress, but that pale yellow, in our opinion, suited her so well. Eighty-five years old, and she was still great, with her lovely hat. How would she look like with an Italian style dress? She wouldn’t be her!

The Beckhams: applause for David, he was so classy with his tight by Ralph Lauren – what a pity for the little gaffe of the medal put on the wrong side… but we will forget this, he was gorgeous). Victoria was very stylish too with her dress by her own brand, maybe a bit too dark for a wedding.

Pippa: she was the real discovery of the day. Her dress was white, long and tight-fitting, with deep neckline: another masterpiece by Sarah Burton, who really honoured the memory of Alexander Mc Queen.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie: would you wear their dresses or hats? Sometimes, a low-cost, black sheath dress would be better than this kind of outfits. Were they challenging themselves?


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