Rumors about Russia

How to survive a bear

An old joke about the Russians explains that “in Russia, 40 kilometers is not a distance, -40 degrees is not cold, and 40 percent is not an alcoholic drink” and my mom was always saying, that I could not go to school only when the boiling water poured through the window would freeze.

Today’s article will be for all, who for some reason do not want to go to Russia or have some fears about it. Let’s just clear up the rumors and remember that every culture has something cool to offer.PL_how to survive with a bear_intext1

1. From Europe to Kamchatka

No wonder that for the Russians 40 kilometers is not a distance, if they live in the largest country in the world. Between the Kaliningrad Oblast and Chukchi Peninsula it is almost 10,000 kilometers and 10 time zones. When you go to Russia, you move back in time, not only metaphorically, but also literally.


PL_how to survive with a bear_intext2

2. Subtropical vs. subpolar zone

-40 degrees is a piece of cake compared to the lowest temperature recorded in Russia (-67.8 degrees – Oymyakon), but don’t be afraid, you don’t have to buy a fur. Russia is so vast that you will certainly find a quite warm place. At the mouth of the Volga River, where the warm air flows from Kazakhstan, the average summer temperature is around +30 degrees, similar to the Black Sea region.



3. Bears on the streets

Although the taiga occupies about 60% of the territory, I must disappoint you – polar bears do not run freely on the streets. They only live in the northern areas of Russia – in the taiga, like reindeers, arctic foxes and snow leopards. Do not forget that in Russia there is a subtropical zone, and on the Black Sea shores grow olives, figs and grapes. So do not forget your sun lotion.


4. Vodka – the perfect lover
There was another article about it and although the Russians can “be satisfied” by having this very noble achievement of one of the most drinking nations in the world, it is also a part of their culture. Hot soup with a bit of vodka strengthens the metabolism and perfectly warms up when the mustache freezes outdoors.


5. And after hours …PL_how to survive with a bear_intext3

Everyone has heard about the Russian banya – or sauna. The wooden house, usually located next to the lake with the hot stones poured with water and herbs. After drinking a hot tea with some honey and a few minutes in the sauna, the body should be lashed with the birch twigs. After leaving sauna you should bathe in the lake nearby, and although for many, especially foreigners – this is a big challenge, it is worth a try. The body’s immunity increases, the skin becomes smooth and your mood is great.




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