Russian ballet Her ethereal dance Part 1

If you are lucky enough to see the announcement about the Russian ballet, do not hesitate and buy a ticket! You will enjoy the amazing performance that can touch the soul of even the most unromantic man. Thanks to the talent, artistry and flawless technique Russian ballet dancers are known to the whole world. Without words, only through dance and facial expressions, they express the full range of feelings and passions by which Carmen, Giselle, Odette and other famous characters were overwhelmed. Ballet in Russia is an important part of a country’s image. Alexander Pushkin, one of the greatest Russian poets, was so amazed by the beauty and the grace of Russian dancer Istomina that in his work “Eugene Onegin”  he wrote such words:

“Shall I your chorus hear anew

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again in her ethereal dance “.

Ballet, as an independent art form, was born in Italy just 400 years ago. In this country during the Renaissance artists began to dance ballet. It was not full performances but rather a short dance in the middle of ordinary theater performance. Through this dance the actors expressed the mood of their characters. Further development of ballet took place in France. It had become so popular that the Sun King, Louis XIV of France, participated in the ballet performances himself.

In Russia, ballet appeared only in the 17th century. Initially the ballet was more a new entertainment for the court than an art. The first ballet school was opened just in 1738 in St. Petersburg, by the Empress Anna Ioannovna. Now it is called Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet and it is one of the oldest and the most prestigious ballet schools in the world. The opening of this school associates the establishment of Russian ballet as an art and its international recognition.

For a long time, Russia relied on the Italian and French ballet traditions. Despite the popularity of this art in Russia, there were no Russian own performances, the repertoire was based entirely on the foreign performances, and most of the main parties were danced by foreign artists. The situation changed when Charles Didelot became a director of the St. Petersburg dance company. He introduced reforms that gave a push to the development of Russian ballet. Diderot abolished heavy and awkward costumes for dancers and began to pay more attention to the dance technique. He was known among the artists for his rigor and strictness. His creative performances combined with the artist’s talent brought Russian ballet to the highest level. The greatest Russian musicians began to write music specifically for ballet performances. The foundation of Russian classical ballet school was laid that time and in the future it gave the world the greatest ballet dancer like Rudolf Nureyev, Maya Plisetskaya, Galina Ulanova, etc.

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