Russian Humor

The Russian are famous for their humor. Sometimes it gets a bit rude, sometimes a bit straightforward, but in general, the Russians are considered to have a good sense of humor.

Jokes are the most popular form of Russian humor. They are usually short fictional stories with a punch line. Russian jokes have a series of categories with certain settings and characters and a variety of plots.

Besides politics and sex, Russian jokes have 7 standard categories:

      1. Vovochka
      Vovochka is a diminutive form of a typical Russian name Vladimir. Vovochka is a equivalent to little Johnny who is interacting with other adults and making unusually obscene and not for his age statements and jokes.

      2. A corrupted and not very smart policeman

      3. Chukcha
      Chukcha is another stereotypical character in Russian jokes. Chukcha is a resident of Chukotka, the most remote northern part of Russia who speaks bad Russian, naïve and innocent.

      – “Chukcha, why did you buy a fridge if it’s so cold in tundra?”
      – “Why, is minus fifty Celsius outside yaranga, is minus ten inside, is minus five in the fridge—a warm place, however!”

      A Chukcha comes into a shop and asks:
      – “Do you have color TVs?”
      – “Yes, we do.”
      – “Give me a green one.”

      4. A new Russian
      Russians make fun of themselves as well. Especially, about so-called new Russians. New Russians are represented as arrogant, poorly educated but rich businessmen.

      A new Russian and an old man lay injured side-by-side in an emergency room:

      – How did you get here, old fella?
      – I had an old Zaporozhets car, and I set the war-trophy Messerschmitt jet engine on it. While driving on a highway, I saw a Ferrari ahead and tried to overtake it. The speed was too high and I crashed into a tree. And how did you get here?
      – I was driving my Ferrari when I saw a Zaporozhets overtaking me. I concluded, that my car might be broken and that it was actually standing still. So I opened the door and walked out…

      5. Mothers-in-law

      6. Cheburashka and crocodile Gena or “Drutten och krokodilen” or Topple
      Gena and Cheburashka were on the tenth floor and noticed a pancake on the street. Cheburashka rushed down the staircase, while Gena decided to jump from the window. Cheburashka arrives to the street and cries: “Gena, which pancake do you want, a yellow one or a green one?

      7. Drunkards
      There are a lot more the Russians are making fun of. Due to political crisis, poverty, corruption, Russian humor acquired a self ironical flavor mixed with stories about kind and witty Russian animated characters like Cheburashka.

So, if you want to taste a slice of specific Russian culture, my advice: learn Russian!

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