Savoring Indonesian culture in Pasar Hamburg

On the first of June, an Indonesian cultural event was held here in Hamburg. The event was called “Pasar Hamburg”, which if translated to English; it would be “Hamburg Market”.

The event itself is held annually and organized by IASI, which is an association of Indonesian Experts and Scholars living in Germany.

Personally, I was so excited about the event! Not only because I get to indulge in Indonesian culture (especially food!) for a short period of time while I am still living here in Germany, but I am also proud that the event got to introduce Indonesian culture in the best way anyone can imagine to the locals living here in Germany. It is safe to say that I am a proud Indonesian:)
The event program consists of several music and traditional dance performances from various localities. One of the traditional dances that were performed during the event was Likok Pulo dance from Aceh. Let’s watch the performance below:

Meanwhile, there was also Indonesian food available! To be honest, it was not a surprise to see the visitors swarming the food stall areas — all of the foods are just simply tempting and I was lucky to be able to indulge in two different dishes available: Baso Tahu and Chicken Satay with Rice. Both of them tasted delicious!

Other than traditional performances and stalls with scrumptious local dishes, there were also stalls selling Indonesian handmade crafts and a photography exhibition.

Overall, it was such a memorable visit to the event. It brought me so much closer to home, even though I am currently far away from home 🙂

Thank you, Pasar Hamburg!

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