Scary Mexican Woman!

Mexico is a very traditional country and in spite of the fact that youth is quite different from what it used to be 30 years ago, it still keeps some traditions, stereotypes and beliefs inherited from their family. Old stereotypes like: man should work and woman is made for house duties, first kid should be a boy, mandatory Sunday mass, etc. are now disappearing!

What still remains are legends and scary tails about ghosts and places where you should not go after midnight… One of those legends is the one called “La Llorona” which in English would be “The Weeping Woman”.

“La llorona” is the most feared woman in Mexico and it’s not because of her tantrums but because of her scary crying and weeping. It is said that if you listen to her crying it’s because you’ve done something bad! Beware!

There are many versions of this legend all over Latin-America; the Mexican one tells what comes next:

La llorona was a woman in love with a man from the highest social class, she was head over heels! After some time she had kids with him and all of a sudden she discovered that he was cheating on her. Sadness and disappointment are not good for anybody and she just couldn’t take it so she murdered her kids in the river and right after their death she committed suicide. Since then it is commonly known that when she cries all you will ever hear is: “Ay mis hijos, ay mis hijos” in other words Oh my children, oh my children!

It is a sad legend and the most popular one in Mexico. Some people claim to have seen her wearing a white dress; Mexican grandmas’ answer for that would be: What have you been doing that you are listening to her crying?

She usually scares unfaithful men or dishonest people, once you’ve seen her it means she will not leave you alone until you stop your dishonest behavior and actions.

I’m not sure I believe that she really exists to stop men from being unfaithful (or at least I don’t want to think about it because it is too scary!) but I do remember a friend saying that he was leaving a party really late at night, the party place was not so far from home so he decided to walk… bad choice! He was thinking (of course he never mentions about what!) when he started hearing a woman and when her voice became clearer and came closer he realized it was a woman moaning and saying ¡Ay mis hijos!. He says his heart almost came out of his chest, he started running as fast as he could and claims that those minutes were the longest ones in all his life. When he finally reached home, he just opened the door and ran into his room where he kept hearing her outside his place until he fell asleep. That would do it! I will never ever do something wrong! (Or I will really try hard to do so!)

Mexican people have more of these legends which I will share with you in the near future. Most of them are related to spirits and ghosts. We know this is a really old belief and even Aztecs and old civilizations had the same stories but their reaction to that would be some sacrifice or prayer!

Do you have any legends in your country? What’s the most popular story? Share your comments in the boxes below or on Facebook!


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