Secret Santa gift exchange

A super fun game and idea for times such as Christmas or any holiday, is the game of the secret Santa gift exchange. It consists of several people, whether members of the same family, friends or colleagues. They offer gifts, letters, poems and no one knows who they come from. The objective is to bring people together and create friendships that endure over time, thanks to the nice memory and experience. 3 to 20 people can play the game, the more people the better, and all people need to know each other, because they offer small gifts and at least they have to know the person or to have an idea of their tastes. The gift should be nice for the person who is receiving it, in order for them to smile – obscene and malicious gifts are not welcome.

Nobody from the members of the game must know the secret friend of the others; or tell anyone who is their secret friend. The game should last ideally between 3 to 5 weeks and one day a week is chosen to perform a small gift exchange. The final day is when everyone will know the secret exchange friend of everyone and every friend knows who has been giving gifts and messages all the time. At no time the person should have the slightest idea or suspicion of who is their secret friend -this would just make the game lose its charm.

Usually you give away small gifts, like cakes, sweets, chocolates that have a minimum value, and, on the final day, a holiday gift which is more representative or significant.

The game started traditionally with a raffle with small pieces of paper neatly folded and distributed to each participant. If a person takes their own name, they must re-insert the paper and chose a new one. There is also a modern form of doing it through special portals in the internet that automatically do the raffle for you and e-mail to the participants to inform them of their secret exchange friend.

The end of game is ideally performed before a party, the ceremony can be performed in a lounge, restaurant or any place where they can finish the celebration well, and everyone reveals their secret exchange friend. This last part should be made as creative as possible, so the organizers should let their imagination run.

¿Tell us what was the original way in which you finished the Secret Santa gift exchange?


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