Sept. 10th, A Big Festival for Teachers in China

I used to think that teachers around the world celebrate their own festival in the same day – September 10th. It turns out that it is just a national holiday for Chinese teachers. So is there a Teachers’ Day in other countries and when is it?

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After searching information on the Internet and talking with foreigners, I found out that Teachers’ Day is everywhere, but the date can be varied. The most common one is October 5th, which is also known as International Teachers’ Day. Some European countries celebrate it on this day, while in the United Sates, students show appreciation for their teachers in the first full week of May.

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Though a lot of countries don’t consider it as a big festival, in China, especially in schools, it is an important event both for students and teachers. From my own experience, every Teachers’ Day, each class gives a card or a bunch of flowers to every teacher. We also show our appreciation by saying “Happy Teachers’ Day” after the class to those who give classes on that day. Some students may even give their own gifts to their favourite teachers.

Here is the last question. Why is it September 10th in China? Because it is the beginning of a new semester and it is important for students to appreciate their teachers and make up their mind to study hard.



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