Seychelles: life on the islands and work in the Hospitality field

Hi, my name is Katia, I am an Italian lady and I have been working in the Tourism & Hospitality field since ever.

First time I got a job in Seychelles it was 2007. At that time I was hired as a front office manager. After few years I became an assistant manager and then I got a job a Resident Manager in one of the top Resort of the islands.

This post’s aim is to help whoever is dreaming about a life change and willing to come to Paradise!

Island Life Style

Seychelles is a 115 islands archipelago in the Indian Ocean where you can find white sandy beaches, pristine sea water, tropical fishes, sea turtles, lush vegetation, land giant tortoises. What else?

Island Style is very relaxed. Majority of the population is employed by the government so most people go to work from 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays. Socializing in Seychelles will always include booze.  If there’s no booze, nobody’s going to show up.

Nightlife and cultural life are very poor. Anyway, you will find a few cool things to do here, like fishing, cruising around the islands, scuba diving, and sunset parties.

The Seychelles Islands are in general very expensive.

Things to know about  looking for a job in the hospitality field in the Seychelles Islands

Job opportunities are quite a lot because local workers are numerically insufficient to satisfy the increasing needs of staff in the hospitality field. Not only: there is a wide range of opportunities for qualified workers and managers (Hotel managers, Guest Relations with very good language skills, Maintenance Engineers a.s.o.).

Be aware that foreigners get better opportunities as a Manager job rather than a staff job because the low-middle vacancies can be easily supplied with local workers. Take also into consideration that many middle management vacancies, such as restaurant manager, front office manager assistant and all the positions as a supervisor, can be held by workers from Sri Lanka, India, Philipines,  Africa whose salary cost is much lower compared to the salary cost of a European worker.



Mandatory requirements to work in the Seychelles

Languages: English + French (official languages)

Clean Police Certificate

No sickness such as HIV, typhus and similar


To be entitled to work in Seychelles you will need a gainful occupation permit (GOP)

The hiring company will be in charge to do the necessary in order to get the GOP for the worker.

The worker will be required to provide the company with a list of medical, school and job certificates as follows:

  • X-ray report including film and report of radiologist (original)
  • The blood test must include RPR, VDRL, HIV and HEPATITIS A & B.
  • Urine test must include albumin, sugar, and deposits
  • Stool test (salmonella, typhus, and Paratyphoid.
  • 3 of original work experience certificates with copy logo on it (last work references also, school certificates and diploma, as proof and references).
  • Police report
  • 2 passport size photos that have been signed by the applicant at the back
  • Photocopy of passport (colored)

All the documents should be in the original copy.

How to write a CV and a Cover Letter

European CV Style is not appreciated. Tell the truth about your language skills, provide the company with all the job and school certificates in your hand. Do not forget the certificates regarding volunteering experiences and proof of attended courses of any sort. The cover letter should show your specific interest in working for that company. Before submitting your application take information about that company and show the recruiter that you really wish to be part of that company.

Where to send your CV

Local Tour Operators

Hotel vacancies Job Agencies and Head Hunters

If you decide to submit your CV directly to the hotels please, note that if you find these writing the vacancies are to be intended only for locals: “Please note job applications can only be accepted from residents and nationals of Seychelles. Applications from other countries cannot, unfortunately, be accepted or answered”.

Good Luck!

If you can read ITALIAN here is a detailed post written by myself:

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