Signs and Notation Conventions

Are you planning a trip abroad? Why not going to Russia?
Preparations for such a trip usually consist of several stages:

Stage 1. Deciding what places to visit

Stage 2. Finding a travel companion

Stage 3. Deciding on the terms of the trip

Stage 4. Making up a financial plan for the trip

Stage 5. Buying tickets and getting a visa / leaving that job for your travel agent

Stage 6. Buying a big bag

Stage 7. Packing only the REALLY NECESSARY items into the big bag

Stage 8. Printing out the survival guide to take with you on your trip

Stage 9. Arriving on time at the airport or station and… Enjoying your vacation!

P.S. Besides these steps it would be very helpful to look through the table below. Here you will find the signs and notation conventions, which you will see in shops, at the railway station, in the airport, on the doors of a museum or travel agency, on the road and in countless other places you will visit!

Выход Exit
Вход Entrance
От себя Push
К себе Pull
Добро пожаловать Welcome
Открыто Open
Закрыто Closed
Мы открылись The shop was recently opened
Терминал временно не работает The terminal is temporarily not working
Часы работы Shop hours
Объезд detour
Тупик Deadlock, blind alley
Запасный выход Emergency exit
Свободно Free
Занято Busy
Примерочная fitting room
Ж Women
М Men
Туалет Toilet
Касса Ticket office, checkout counter
Стоп Stop
Распродажа Sale

Have a nice vacation!


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