Skiing in Sweden – Top 5 places to go this winter

With November approaching its end, that means that colder times are approaching. Since the majority of all people seem to be generally adverse to the season, they must have forgotten about all the highlights that the winter brings: Christmas time, holidays, New Year and last but not least the ski season!

In Sweden, most ski resorts have a snow guarantee from December 11, which means that you get the money back and can cancel your trip if by any chance there is no snow at that time of your trip. This also signals the start of the ski season, which in Sweden has about 7.7 million unique visits per year. This makes Sweden the most visited ski market in Scandinavia. The five most popular ski resorts in Sweden are Sälen, Åre, Vemdalen, Idre and Funäsfjällen.

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Whether Sälen should be counted as one ski resort is questionable since it consists of four separate establishments over a broader geographic area. This includes Kläppen, Lindvallen/Högfjället, Tandådalen/Hundfjället and Stöten, which gives the visitors of Sälen opportunity to a varied skiing. Then the locations focusing on different guests – in Tandådalen, for example, are focusing on young people while Kläppen can be seen rather as a family area. At these locations there are, apart from skiing, also a variety of activities such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, kite skiing, ice climbing, and spas.

The ski resort of Åre is often said to be the alpine centre of Sweden, and offer skiing for all ages. Like most other resorts you can also find other activities such as snowshoeing, motor sports and zip lining. Spas, fancy hotels and nightclubs are also no shortage of in Åre – this is the ski resort where Swedish celebrities usually ski. Even the soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a big mansion in Åre, where it is said that he and his family usually celebrate Christmas. The three smaller ski resorts Vemdalen, Idre and Funäsfjällen are also ski metropolises where exquisite skiing can be alternated with cool activities like heli-skiing, riding, bowling and snowmobiling.

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In addition to these five ski resorts, there are many smaller places in the north of Sweden that also offer excellent skiing. For those who do not want to go on a skiing holiday and spend a lot of money, there are smaller ski resorts in the Southern and Central Sweden. Isaberg is Sweden’s most southerly ski resort and is located in Ulricehamn.

Although most prefer the adrenaline and the thrill of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing is also very popular around the country – this can also be seen on the initiative of the indoor tracks that has been built over the past years. In Gothenburg, for example, an arena for cross-country skiing has been built where you can ride the 1.2 km long indoor track year round.



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