Somewhere in the heart of Europe

Learning languages, travelling, moving to another country permanently or temporary? The answer is yes. These things are possible nowadays due to the rapid technological development of the past centuries. You can travel all around the world, get to know new people and cultures on the other side of the planet, widen your horizons or even get a job far from home. I think this is one of the best things that could ever happen. But from this point the question is where you belong to? Among many advantages in this world it’s even harder and harder to identify yourself. That’s why it’s really important to always remember where you come from. With this short philosophical introduction I’d like to give you a short summary about my homeland from my view. So here is the top 5 stuff that I love in Hungary.

I’m proud of many of the Hungarian scientists and inventors who invented or helped to develop such things like the pen, match, light bulb, hologram, even the computer and many others which help a lot in our daily routine.

I find remarkable our language and culture. Did you know that Hungarian is the fifth most difficult language to learn in many lists? And the Hungarian language gives you the space to express yourself as beautiful as impossible in many other languages.

And now my favourite season the summer is here. The temperature is up to 30 degrees, the school is over so it’s time to relax a bit. So let’s take a visit in Budapest, in the capital.

Do you like sitting in a café and just relax next to a book? Then you will love Budapest! During your walk in the old town and in promenade you can find many cafés where you can enjoy the small beauties of life in a company of a hot drink. My favourite ones are Frei Cafes which are located in bookshops so you have the opportunity to run over your new book while your senses are spoiled with coffee specialities.

And if you are in the mood to try something stronger then the ruinous pubs offer you a wide range of drinks and nice atmosphere to entertain you and your friends. These unique places are located at every corner in the downtown in very old houses which are reconstructed to pubs.

And the best of all are the countless music festivals. During summers Hungary offers you the wide variety of music festivals like Sziget, SZIN, VOLT, Balaton Sound etc. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like it’s sure that you can find the event which suits to your taste. The pulsating atmosphere will charm you for sure.

Don’t you have your holiday destination yet? Hungary is worth a visit!


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