Songkran Festival: The Water Battle in Thailand!

In two days my favourite Thai festival is approaching. “Songkran Festival” – the important event in the Buddhist calendar, the occasion of family reunions, temple visits and merit making that lasts from 13 to 15 of April. Songkran has traditionally been celebrated as the Thai New Year since 1940 and it is when Thai people perform “Rod Nam Dam Hua” or when the youth pour water onto the hands of the elderly to ask for their blessings.

As it falls on the hottest month of the year (the temperature goes up to 40 degrees), Songkran, which also goes by “The Water Festival”, is the occasion when Thai people use water to symbolically splash off the misfortunes from the past year and to welcome a new year with a fresh new start. Traditionally, Thai people politely pour a bowl of water with jasmine petals on the hands of family and friends. But as Songkran becomes more and more popular, the whole country goes bananas and a bowl undoubtedly turns into a bucket and colourful water pistols. However, as it gets more fun, rules of engagement need to be applied. Once you’re out in the battlefield, you have to play it fair and safe. Use clean water and dress properly, near-nudity is frowned upon and do not wear white! Throwing ice or water that contains chemical colour is strictly prohibited by the government for safety reasons.

During this splashing festival, the entire area of financial district along with other streets turns into an ultimate water gun fight. One of the must-not miss thing in Songkran is “Din Sor Pong”, a traditional Thai herb fused with white soil. It is a cooling powder which is believed to be pleasurable in tropical climate.

This tradition of water splashing is undeniably the highlight of Songkran celebrations for Thai people and also for tourists, backpackers who fly into Thailand to enjoy the unforgettable and colourful festival of the year. If you like the idea of holding a bucket full of water and getting wet from head to toe, prepare your waterproof bag and drop by to Thailand this April!!

What is special about Songkran Festival?
– Getting a good soak will lighten up the blistering temperature.
– You will be surrounded by a huge group of happy go lucky people. Everyone is your friend on Songkran days!
– You don’t have to pay for any entrance fees to attend the splash attack!
– This is your only chance to act like a kid without being judged.
– Where in the world you can simultaneously take 3 days off work and play with water?
– It doesn’t matter whether you are 55, 50 or 45. Age is just a number when you are in this water battlefield!


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