Are you visiting Spain soon? Are you looking forward to seeing people in flamenco dresses going to a bullfight? Yes?
Well…, I don’t want to disappoint you, but you must know something before you go: You won’t see this.
Let’s begin with flamenco. Don’t expect to see people on the streets dressed in a flamenco outfit wherever you go. Not even expect that anybody can teach you how to dance it, because maybe they have no idea at all or they don’t like it, as it usually is the case in the North of Spain. Flamenco is much more popular in the South, especially in Andalusia, where it has its origins and they cultivate that culture.
About bullfighting, it is considered between an art and a barbaric act, and usually there is no midpoint. You like it or hate it. Normally, young people are not very fond of this tradition, as they find it unnecessary to kill an animal for fun. However, it has its supporters among the elderly people. Anyway, if you don’t know if you will like or not, after attending one, you will be able to decide whether you like it or not, as you will see six performances of the same thing. Ah! By the way, if you are in Barcelona or elsewhere in Catalonia and you feel like going to a bullfight, forget about it because it’s forbidden.
Hard to believe, but true. Not everything is as we have been told. And what I should say about good weather, sangría and the well-known siesta… As we will see in the next article, reality differs from what people say about Spain.


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