As we said in the previous article, people can have a certain picture in mind about another culture, but it does not always match reality. And it is not their fault!

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So, let’s clarify some more things about Spain and Spaniards. It is said that in Spain it is always warm and sunny. We cannot complain about the weather, but not the whole peninsula has a subtropical climate like the Canary Islands. For example, if you go to the North during winter, you will see that the climate can be pretty much the same as in Germany or any other northern country, especially in Castilla y León, where the weather is cold and dry during that season, with an average of 7°C maximum. If you want to enjoy the sun during winter, you should visit the South of Spain or any of our wonderful islands in the Canary or Balearic archipelago.

SangriaThere’s no better time to have a refreshing sangría than when the weather is good. Yes, and when it is summer. That’s when we usually drink it, and not every time we go for a drink. It is associated with summer holidays, sun, beach… Oh, wait! Why not take a relaxing siesta under the sunshade? That would be nice, right? The well-known siesta that paralyses the whole country between 2 p.m. and 4 p. m. In fact, that’s just another stereotype… Spaniards normally have a siesta after lunch, but only during the weekend. That break of two hours is made to go home and eat with the family all together, not for taking a nap. And just one last remark, the siesta was not abolished in Spain after the beginning of the crisis (as some foreign newspapers claimed), it had never been a law before!

Anyway, if you were to choose one Spanish stereotype, which one would you pick up?


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