Spanish: A few words on private Spanish lessons

One-to-one Spanish courses are a valuable alternative if you are interested in learning about the Spanish language and its culture in a relatively short time. Private Spanish lessons offer you many advantages such as:

• Your needs and interests are the keystone for syllabus organization (they are usually assessed in detail by the school of your choice before you start the course). For example, you may ask the teacher to focus on grammar, conversation or special topics (academic purposes, medicine, business, tourism, gastronomy, law, etc.) and to adapt class dynamics to the activities which help you learn Spanish better, e.g. watching movies and videos, listening to voice recordings or music, playing, reading literature, etc.
• You can choose special class formats (such as Spanish home tutoring, outdoor Spanish classes), and combine your private course with almost any kind of activity or sport (football, horse-riding, sailing, cooking lessons, tango lessons, etc.).
• Class schedules are flexible.
• You may attend group lessons simultaneously.
• You can improve specific communication abilities, which is especially important if you intend to prepare an international exam (DELE, CELU).

Last but not least, the immersion context can be extremely enriching for your Spanish learning experience while you attend private lessons.

Not convinced yet? Just take a look at the following testimony of a student at SET IDIOMAS (Cordoba, Argentina):

Each class was extremely productive and efficient. Every minute was used to the maximum. As one-on-one instruction, I received very specific attention and each class was instructed according to my specific needs. My teacher was incredible. SET is very organized. On top of it, besides improving my Spanish, SET was a very helpful, caring, supportive resource for me as a foreign student in Argentina. (Erica Siekkinen)

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