“Spanish” Foods around the World

Homesick for Spanish food but you’re too far away?

If you are a Spanish food lover, you might find yourself craving some specialty when abroad. Well, I’m here to give you a hand. We Spaniards like to boast about our food quite a lot, but I’ve got a tip; you can always find very similar dishes in different countries. So I’ve set myself to find delicacies around the globe that could pass for something Spanish. Here we go:

ES food intext1


Porras / churros – youtiao

Porras are a different version of churros, a bit fluffier and bigger. Some claim merchants brought the idea of youtiao -an Asian fried bread snack- to Europe, and that’s how churros came to be. Whether this is true or not, their texture and the cooking process are very much like those of the porras, only they are usually covered in salt instead of sugar.



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Spanish omelette – frites omelette

If you’ve ever had a Spanish omelette, you know that the potatoes are supposed to be cut in small pieces and left kind of soft. In other places of the world, especially French speaking and African countries, they make one very similar, only with proper crunchy chips. The process is the same, and I’m guessing the taste as well.



Chorizo – Nduja Calabrese

Nduja Calabrese comes, of course, from the Italian region of Calabria. Like chorizo, it is made of pork and spices, and has been getting better known over the past years. One of the differences, and you could say a plus, is that it can also be spread as well as used in sauces. Another spicy sausage worth trying is Turkish Sujuk, made from beef.

Have you tried any of these? Does your country share any dishes with other regions? Let us know in the comments!


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