Spanish in Philippines?

Philippines is an insular country formed by a 7,107 island archipelago where Filipino and English are spoken as official languages. However the linguistic heritage of the Philippines is Spanish.

The Spanish language is spoken in more than 20 countries, and is considered to be the second most spoken language (by native speakers) with more than 400 million people. It is well known that Spanish is spoken on almost the entire South American sub‑continent, but did you know that Spanish was spoken in the Philippines up until as late as 1973? Before then Spanish was widely spoken, and currently approximately 20,492 people are studying Spanish there. In fact, it has been proposed that Spanish should again become an official language.

The differences between Spanish in Spain and Latin American Spanish are well-known, nevertheless, almost no one knows about the words or expressions used in the Philippines. Here are some examples of false friends:

“Syempre” is very similar to the Spanish word “siempre” (always) however, “Syempre” means “por supuesto” (of course).

“Siguro” is also very similar to “seguro” (sure), but its real meaning is “tal vez” (perhaps).

“Luto” (mourning) means “cocina” (kitchen)

Spanish is a very vast language, even in Latin American Spanish you can find words with different meanings depending on the country you are in. Spanish is a language full of cultural expressions that represent its historical diversity.

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