Spanish tongue twisters!

Having problems with Spanish pronunciation? Here are a few tongue twisters that will help you get back on track 😉 Have fun!

De Guadalajara vengo,
jarra traigo, jarra vendo,
a medio doy cada jarra.
¡Qué jarra tan cara
traigo de Guadalajara!
I come from Guadalajara,
A pitcher I bring, a pitcher I sell,
For half (50cents) I sell each pitcher,
Such an expensive pitcher
do I bring from Guadalajara!

Pepe puso un peso en el piso del pozo.
En el piso del pozo Pepe puso un peso.
Pepe put a peso on the floor of the well.
On the floor of the well Pepe put a peso.

El suelo está enladrillado.
¿Quién lo desenladrillará?
El desenladrillador que
lo desenladrillare
un buen desenladrillador será.
The ground is paved with bricks.
Who will unpave it?
The unpaver who
unpaves it
a good unpaver will be.

Nadie silba como Silvia silba
Y si alguien silba como Silvia silba
Fue que Silvia le enseñó a silbar.
No one whistles like Silvia does
And if someone whistles like Silvia does
It is because Silvia taught them how.

Treinta y tres tramos de troncos trozaron
Tres tristes trozadores de troncos y triplicaron su trabajo,
Triplicando su trabajo de trozar troncos y troncos.

Thirty three bits of logs were cut
By three sad woodcutters who tripled their work,
Tripling their work of cutting logs and logs.

Erre con “erre” cigarro,
“erre” con “erre” barril.
Rápido corren los carros,
Cargados de azucar del ferrocarril.

“R” with “R” cigarette,
“R” with “R” barrel
Cars go quickly
Filled with sugar from the train.

Compadre, cómprame un coco.
Compadre, coco no compro,
que el que poco coco come, poco coco compra.
Y yo como poco coco como poco coco compro.

Buddy, buy me a coconut.
Buddy, I don’t buy coconut
Because he who little coconut eats, little coconut buys.
And I eat as little coconut as little coconut I buy.

El dicho que a ti te han dicho
que has dicho que he dicho yo,
es mentira, no lo he dicho,
pero aunque lo hubiera dicho,
mi dicho está mejor dicho
que el dicho que a ti te han dicho
que has dicho que he dicho yo.

The saying that they have told you
The one you said that I have said,
It is a lie, I haven’t said it,
But even if I had said it,
My saying is much better
Than the saying that they have told you
That you have said that I have said.


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