Speaking a second language increases your chances of finding love

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
‒Frank Smith

RU Lover Cover RUIf you are single and your mom’s best friend’s brother’s son looks like the last hope for you, here is the solution – learn a foreign language! That might dramatically increase your chances of finding love.

A British journalist, who in 2004 conducted a research among 270 dating agencies, found out that 97% of them asked their clients if they speak a second language. The most common explanation was that people who speak a foreign language are considered sexier and more intelligent than monoglots. No wonder! Speaking a second language definitely gives you LOTS of benefits and can help you in much more ways than you think!

First of all, guys, bear in mind that foreign language or an exotic accent is something that women can’t say no to. If you can speak the other language or even may fake an accent a little bit, good for you! It’s impressive. It’s exciting. It’s dead sexy.
Besides that, speaking another language makes you not only attractive but also more intelligent. People who speak a foreign language have an insight in completely different culture. There is no way you can get bored while having a conversation with them. They can always catch your interest by sharing interesting or funny stories from their experience. Those people are considered to be more interactive, open-minded and easy-going. And what is one of the most essential things in relationships? Right, communication! Additionally, foreign partner is always a green light for traveling and exploring the world.
And last, but not least, for a long-term run though, keep in mind that kids who are born from bilingual couple are more likely to have a better memory and overall intelligence. Besides, the kids of interracial couples, in most cases, tend to be more beautiful.

So, don’t waste your time! If you are crazy about Italians, learn the language, go to Italy, grasp the nettle and build your future! Good luck with that.


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