Spelling mistakes: the rough diamonds of the internet

Hello, there. Can you smell the Friday?
And along with the new visual side of LexioPhiles, we are starting a new tradition, one where you can easily participate: in some of our posts, you can give us your opinion and show us what you’ve been browsing with the hashtag #lexiophiles, so share it on your social media and we’ll gather the best input and post it here! You can talk about curiosities on your native language, the culture of your country and whatever else you want!

And to give you some idea of what you can share, here’s a small collection of some funny spelling mistakes and tips from Facebook and Twitter!

Spelling mistakes are so easy to make! you can miss up on a letter of a word and change the whole meaning of the phrase…

Sometimes, even capital letters can change the meaning…

Punctuation is something also very important…

The wrong spelling can make some people go crazy, and not in a good way…

Even the plural of some words are tricky!

And some of them are so easy to confuse!

We hope you have liked them! Keep us posted if you see anything interesting!

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