Spending a semester abroad – the peaks and the valleys

It is hard to accept the fact that my stay in Germany for a semester abroad is coming to an end, which means that my internship in bab.la is ending very soon as well.

During my first days in Germany, I completely froze out every time I had to speak German. Even though I have been learning the language for three years, I never thought that it would be that terrifying to practice and speak it to a local – I was too afraid that I would say the wrong words, with wrong grammar and pronunciation.


But, after staying in Germany for more than five months, I finally got used to speaking the language, even though I have not yet reached the highest level of fluency, I could at least survive and find my way home in case I got stranded or lost.

Furthermore, during my stay here in Germany, I got to accomplish another dream of mine—traveling around Europe! Being someone who lives far away from Europe, to be able to travel around Europe is such a privilege and something that I am very grateful for. I was able to step out from my comfort zone; to enjoy beautiful scenery, be around and experience the city like a local!

Despite all of the fun and thrilling experiences I attained during my stay, I also got to experience homesickness and other unpleasant feelings for being away from my family and friends. It was not fun at all, but it has taught me about survival and living alone. For short, I got to know more about myself while I was here in Germany.

I will definitely miss the city of Hamburg and bab.la along with its awesome people 🙂 I highly recommend everyone to try spending a semester abroad for an internship, not only it is challenging, but it is also worth the experience 🙂

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My dear hometown, I am coming home 🙂

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